segunda-feira, 18 de junho de 2007

What happens when your mother comes to the performances?

© Henrique Figueiredo & Miguel Bonneville

Depois da Masterclass de Ong Keng Sen, um dos artistas do Sítio das Artes programou para a passada sexta-feira uma 'Misterclass'. Aqui fica o guião que Miguel Bonneville (Porto, 1985) preparou para a sessão:

1. Did it take a lot of time to develop your art?
2. Do you feel like you are coming very close to yourself?
3. Where does your fascination for the blondes come from?
4. In your performances, do you have a script?
5. What imagery comes from your family?
6. Are there any movies you watched many many times?
7. Did you ever look at paintings in museums as a child?
8. Is there a philosophy in your work?
9. When do you decide to do a performance?
10. How do you make decisions?
11. What happens when your mother comes to the performances?
12. Do you want more minimalism?
13. The usual idea of a performance is that the artist comes onto the stage and starts screaming...
14. Do you see your work as radical?
15. What would be an ideal text about your work?
16. Do you feel like living art?
17. How do other artists influence you?
18. Can art really satisfy the audience?
19. Your work focuses on your life. Do you create boundaries to protect yourself?
20. Where does your identification with strangers come from?

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