segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2007

O mesmo apelido, outra lição: Macrocosmo e microcosmo da análise social

Daniel Miller: "My concern today is with the potential for Anthropology to provide a specific perspective on the state of the world. One which draws from the traditions and achievements of that discipline but is applied in an unprecedented manner to the contemporary world. I will argue against any view that suggests that the changes and developments that create our contemporary world have made anthropology anachronistic or less appropriate as a means to try and understand our world. On the contrary I will argue that it is some of the most traditional aspects of anthropology that have come into their own as an ideal resource for directly confronting the challenge represented by the phrase `the state of the world’. In order to achieve this goal I will argue that we must start with that core tradition by which anthropology has endeavoured to describe and account for societies on the assumption that culture and society are the products of an a priori historical diversity based on regions. The challenge today is to confront a world that expands in both directions from this initial state. On the one hand we have the growth of a global world which starts to become a genuine entity in its own right; the macrocosm of social analysis. On the other hand as the enlightenment tradition always predicted, along with greater generality and encompassment, comes greater particularity in the form of an unprecedented individualism and potential for personal autonomy that has become the microcosm of social analysis. I will argue that the study of society as practiced by anthropology has the potential to address both macrocosm, microcosm and the relationship between these two."

Este será o ponto de partida de Sociedades muito grandes e sociedades muito, muito pequenas, que Daniel Miller irá apresentar no dia 23 de Maio, quarta-feira, às 18h30, no Auditório 2 da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. A entrada é livre e haverá tradução simultânea.

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